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Welcome to the best movie experience that you will ever have! We are working diligently to make our online cinema even better for our loyal audience so please bear with us. We promise that it will be worth the wait! if there’s something that you would like to see changed, removed or added to Harem Cinema, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below. After all, this is YOUR cinema and we are dedicated to making it the best that it can be.

Harem Cinema is A Better Movie Experience.
It is your own private movie theater.
You want to put your feet up? Go right ahead? No stern faced movie usher is going to come by and shine his little flashlight at you and tell you to put your feet back down. That doesn’t happen at Harem Cinema because it is YOUR cinema. You want to pause the movie? No problem. You want to rewind your favorite scene? Go on and enjoy it as many times as you want. Harem Cinema gives you that freedom. You want to talk to your friends during the movie? Have at it. Harem Cinema let’s you enjoy the movie anyway that you want to. It’s YOUR cinema. Feel like enjoying a beer while you view the flick? Good idea. Grab a frosty one right out of your own refrigerator and knock it back. And the best part is that it will be your favorite beer, not just some generic label. Harem Cinema is your movie house. Enjoy it your way. Do you want to eat delicious snacks and food without paying a small fortune? Well you can at Harem Cinema. That’s why I created it and shared it with you.
Harem Cinema is a better way to experience movies.

What Harem Cinema Does

We share our movies with you. It’s just that simple. We show movies from our own collection for short periods of time and we invite you to enjoy them. You can swing by as you please and take a look at the Now Showing listing to see what we are currently showing or you can check out our Coming Soon billboard. To make sure you never miss out on anything good, sign up for our Magic Lamp newsletter.

The Return Of The Movie Experience

There has never been a better time to watch movies at home. High definition (HDTV), large screen televisions, digital projectors and excellent quality, surround sound systems are readily available and relatively easy to set-up. In a very real way, you can now create a better movie watching experience right in the comfort and convenience of your own home than you could pay to enjoy at your local theater. So why aren’t we? Why do some of us have great movie rooms at home while the rest of us have to trek outside and go down to the nearest movie theater?
Some of the reason is the fear of cost. How much will it cost to create your own home cinema? Is it really expensive? Does it take a lot of expensive equipment? Another reason is that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the techno-babble that is used to describe the different TVs to choose from, never mind the other parts of the system. And then there is the question of what room to use? Who has the spare room that they can make into a private, luxury, movie room? Plus, who has the time to do all of the work needed to create this film Mecca?
Relax, it’s a lot easier, simpler and cheaper than you think. Harem Cinema can help. We will show you what we have done in our own homes and what other movie lovers have done in theirs. We are people just like you. We have jobs, families, children, pets, not enough room and never enough money. But technology is not what the better movie experience is about. Sure you can spend a lot of money to create your ideal picture house but you can also increase your enjoyment for very little money. Harem Cinema will show you how.
To follow the articles that will show you how to keep having the best movie experience that you can, simply look to the right hand side of the Harem Cinema pages here on this website and look under the CATEGORIES listing. Find an article thread that interests you and CLICK on it. You will be shown a list of informative and fun articles that will tell you everything you want to know. For example, you might be interested in getting a popcorn maker but aren’t sure which one will best suit your needs. Easily fixed! Just CLICK on the category Popcorn Maker and you’ll get a list of resources and buying guides that will help you find the right one. Our friends and supporters will give you their feedback on ones that they have researched, purchased and used and how they perform. They’ll give you the inside scoop, so to speak, and help you make a decision.

Never Miss An Article

This screenshot, below, and the text beneath that, will help you make sure that you always have the latest advice and help so, follow the steps outlined underneath so that you can make informed decisions.
Follow Harem Cinemas ArticlesHarem Cinema and it’s fans are always updating these articles with new information including videos, written testimonials and sharing other tips like that so you’ll always have something interesting to read. Through this Magic Lamp newsletter we do our best to keep you informed about what new articles are available to read but you might want to receive more frequent notifications than that. You can choose how often you get additional notices by using Harem Cinema’s built in website function Follow.
It is this simple to get more Harem Cinema notices by doing these steps:
  1. Look down at the bottom, right hand side of any Harem Cinema website screen.
  2. You should see a small button there labeled Follow. It will look like the screenshot in the picture above. (You might need to move your mouse cursor over the spot, depending upon what web-browser you are using).
  3. Click on it.
  4. It will prompt you to enter  your email address in the box.
  5. Then click the blue button labeled Sign me up.
  6. You will instantly be sent an email asking you to confirm your interest and asking you how often you would like to receive additional updates on what is happening here at Harem Cinema.

And it’s that easy! After following those steps then you will receive the notifications you want, as often as you want.

Loyal Fans, please ignore any advertising on this page. It is not endorsed by Harem Cinema and we are working on removing it. If we have something that we think you will benefit from, we will include it as a recommendation in one of our articles. Just looking out for you, our audience!


Lon Chaney Jr Tribute

On the anniversary of his death, this is my short, but personal tribute to Lon Chaney Jr. It is far too short, much less than what the man deserves, but it will not be the last accolade that he receives here at Harem Cinema. It would be easy to say “Oh yeah, I remember him.…

Back-up Your Movie Library

It’s important to back-up your movie library because misfortune does happen. I have terabytes of movies in my own, personal film library and that means thousands upon thousands of movies. I’ve had some scary, to be honest, terrifying, experiences where a very large chunk of those movies were nearly lost. That’s when I made one…

Movie Nosh

Eating snacks at the movies makes a better movie experience. Learn what treats are best to eat and how to enjoy them the best way.

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