Popcorn Maker Cuisinart CPM-2500

A review of the Cuisinart CPM-2500 Kettle-Style Popcorn Maker. In this short video the lady shows us how the maker works and points out some of the beneficial features built into the design. What I like about this one is that it has an appealing look that reminds me of the pop corn makers that you see when you go to your local movie theater.

The overall user review score is quite high and the comments are glowing. This demonstration shows that it is easy to use and puts on a little show for you as well. Check out the reviews from people who have bought and use this particular popper by >>>CLICKING HERE<<<


Introducing the Cuisinart CPM-2500TR Popcorn Maker Trolley

Cuisinart CPM-2500TR Popcorn Maker TrolleyTo really set the mood for your home cinema experiences, take your new popcorn maker off the kitchen counter and put it on this pretty groovy trolley built just for it. The advantage of the trolley is that you can then conveniently move the popcorn popper to the place that best suits it for your evening of fun. After all, what’s the point in having a fancy popper machine if it’s hidden away from view? Put it on this cart and wheel it to a place where you can show it off.

The video below is a pretty informative tour of the trolley’s features but, after about the first minute, it becomes a bit of a sales teaser. Be smart and read the buyer reviews to get accurate feedback by >>>>>> CLICKING HERE <<<<<<

If you own either the popcorn maker or the trolley featured above or both, please help out your fellow movie-lovers by leaving a comment below to let us know what you think. It would be nice to get some first hand feedback from someone that has used these over a period of time and regularly.

Why You Should Own One

This pop corn maker is a feature piece, meaning that it is an attraction in itself. it not only produces a delicious snack for you to eat but it also puts on a visually arresting show while it does it. It’s kind of like one of those old lava lamps. It serves a practical purpose and it gives you something pretty to look at while it’s working for you.

Talk about a conversation starter! You roll this bad-boy out in front of your guests and watch it steal the show. All attention will turn towards the popper as your friends ask you all kinds of questions about it. How much did it cost? Does it require maintenance? How much popcorn can it make? Is it fast? How does the pop corn taste? You’ll never have a dull moment at one of your gatherings again when you have this little treasure on hand.

It saves you money. Think about it for a moment and weigh the dollars and cents of it. A pop corn maker like this is one of the cheapest things that you can do to seriously increase your home movie night experiences. With it’s jumping corn puffs it allows you to say “tonight at our house we are enjoying a movie and a show.” So what are you waiting for? Get popping!

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