Movie Nosh

Nosh [nosh]. Verb (used without object): To snack or eat between meals. Verb (used with object): They noshed on peanuts, cookies and other tasty treats while watching the movie.

Watch the video. I bet you sing and dance along with it.

Eating snacks at the movies is so important, so ingrained into our beliefs of what a good movie experience needs, that they even came up with that catchy tune to sing all about it. But why has munching down delicious delights become such a big part of watching movies? It’s actually pretty obvious. Eating good food makes us feel good. Every one knows it and we all love it. Devouring savory sweets goes beyond just the pleasing tastes. It delves into the world of medical science. We are all chemical machines and making changes to our chemistry changes us.

Look at the power that chocolate, possibly the world’s most favorite reward, has over so many people. Or coffee. Doctor after doctor tells us that these goodies make us react in predictable ways. I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get mys day started without at least one good cup of coffee, so I believe those doctors.

Sugar is another great example of how food has power over us all. With all of these examples it is a simple, undeniable truth, that food affects us. What we eat has an impact on our daily lives and that’s important to understand because it makes eating the right things an important part of the movie watching experience. In fact, it’s so important that you probably can’t even imagine going to the movies without getting something to nosh on. That’s because snacking has become such an integral part of our pleasure-ritual of watching movies. It has become such a routine that most movie theaters happily charge insultingly high prices for cheap, simple fare like popcorn. They do this because they know that we are going to pay it. After all, who can go to the movies without eating popcorn?

Having accepted the enjoyment that nibbling niceties will add to our movie nights, let’s talk about the grub that will give us the most gratification while we settle into our comfortable viewing chairs and enjoy our favorite shows. Let’s start with a snack that will change the way that you walk down the grocery aisle when you go shopping. You’ve passed them a thousand times and you know they taste wonderful and here’s another way for you to enjoy them.

Goldfish cheese crackers. If you are one of the few people that have not been fortunate enough to eat these treats, then let me give you a brief description of what you are in for. Goldfish crackers are a small, crispy cracker made by Pepperidge Farms. Don’t be fooled by their size (see the picture below for actual size). They might be small but they deliver the taste with every bite and that taste is cheese, although they do also come in a variety of other flavors too.

Fish. Did I mention that they are shaped like fish? Why would a cracker that is cheese flavored be shaped like a fish? No idea. I try not to think about it and just spend my time enjoying chewing on them. If you look at each cracker closely you will see that they are smirking. That’s right, they even smile while you are eating them! I bet you’ve never had a snack that happy before. How often do you get to eat a treat with that much personality and character?

Because they are crackers, Goldfish have a nice, crunchy texture without being too hard or sharp. That means they give you the cheesy goodness you want without cutting into your gums. In fact, because of their rounded shape and not having any sharp edges, Goldfish are wonderfully easy to eat.

1962, that’s how long these little delights have been pleasing our taste buds so you know they’ve got the tang to keep you coming back for more and more. Now I could go on about all of the things that make the bakers at Pepperidge Farms so proud. Like the fact that they are baked with real cheese. Or that their coloring comes from plant extracts. Or even that they use no artificial flavors or preservatives. But the truth is that we care most about the flavor! So, even while they are perfectly enjoyable just on their own, there’s more things that you can do with Goldfish to find new ways of loving them. Here’s some advice from other fans who have been kind enough to share their own recipes.

Goldfish Trail Mix Treats

Why does this dish make our list of good movie snacks? Because it’s quick, easy, cheap to make and fun to eat. One of the other neat things about trail mix is that it’s flexible and allows you to leave out ingredients that you don’t like or just don’t have but also allows you to add more of what you do like. Like Goldfish crackers for example! if you come up with a recipe that you really like, be kind and do us all a favor by sharing it with the rest of us below in the comments section.

Here’s the Recipe

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1 x cup of Pepperidge Goldfish crackers.
1/4 x cup multicolored mini-marshmallows.
1/4 x cup assorted dried fruit.
1/4/x cup peanut M&Ms.
1/4 x cup mini-pretzels.

You will grow to love this recipe very quickly because it couldn’t be easier to make. You just throw all of the ingredients into a bowl and stir them all together or, if you prefer, put them all into a Ziploc bag and shake it up until it looks delicious. How simple is that! This dish is an addictive mix of textures and flavors that will keep everyone that tries it eating and wanting more. A surprising bonus that you’ll find yourself relishing is that, because there is such a variety of textures in each handful, each mouthful that you bite down on will be an unexpected discovery.

Is It Time To Eat Yet?

Keep your taste buds calm because it’s not over just yet, there’s still a little more to do. Sure, you’ve made a fabulously flavored goodies, now all that’s left is to excite the eyes as much as the tongues of the lucky eaters. Presentation is a big part of crunching down on your chow and all too often it is overlooked. If you’ve ever talked to a chef or watched one of those cooking shows on television you will have heard them preach that “first you eat with your eyes before you ever taste the meal.” With that in mind there are several simple things you need to consider when it comes to preparing and consuming movie night edibles.

  1. Easy to eat.
  2. Clean-up.
  3. Adds to the experience.

Easy to eat. OK so you might be planning an evening of watching all of Coppola’s Godfather movies in an epic marathon of Mafia celebration. That’s a strong theme for a party to be based on for sure and it gives you plenty of juicy material to build up something memorable. But whatever you do, don’t serve spaghetti as the movie marathon snack treat. Especially if you have a white sofa. That pasta sauce is going to get everywhere and, after all of your guests leave, you will be left with a scene that looks like it came right out of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Don’t mistake me, I love spaghetti, it’s a marvelous food, but it’s also hard to eat. And that brings us to my second point…

Clean-up. You might expect to have to do the clean-up after a get together. You might even be OK with it. But do yourself a favor and take it easy on yourself. Tasty refreshments don’t have to be messy. There are plenty of popular movie treats that you can enjoy with your guests that make you the talk of the town and won’t leave a big mess behind for you to clean up.

Experience. For me and many other true movie fans, this is the most important one in many ways. Hard to eat foods distract you from watching the magic happening on the screen and keep you from fully involving yourself in the movie experience. This doesn’t mean that the foods that you eat and serve have to be award winning dishes handed down through the generations by world class chefs. But the goal should always be to create a memory. You want everyone that watches a movie with you to get up the next day and enthusiastically tell other people about the incredible time they had watching movies with you.

Put It In A Cup

It sounds simple. Actually it almost sounds too simple to be anything but a joke, doesn’t it? That’s the big secret? Put your movie snacks in a cup? Well, yeah it is. Take another look at the first two things we need to consider. Make it easy to eat and easy to clean up. It doesn’t get much easier than eating out of a cup. If you find a way to mess that up you might have some bigger problems. And trust me, your guests will love it too.

But Make It The Right Cup

Now what about the third item on our checklist, making a memorable experience? I guess you could use some spare paper cups you have laying around after the last birthday party. I’m sure that people would remember that. But would it be a memory that you want repeated to other people? Probably not. If you’re going to go through the effort of putting together a fun movie night for your friends and family, do it right. Believe it or not, the right cup, bowl or even bag, as long as it fits with your theme, can go a long way to making your guests feel special and appreciated. That can be difficult sometimes like right now, you might be thinking, how can I make a cup memorable for Goldfish trail mix? Just take a look below. The answer will probably make you laugh with how obvious it is.

That’s right, fish bowls.

These fishbowls are sensational because they immediately make such a lasting impression. They marry beautifully with the Goldfish snack and support that theme in a way that will keep people talking about it and re-living the memory for some time to come. They look and feel expensive but it’s a ruse because they are actually very affordable. They are the perfect size for holding in your hand as you mingle with other guests or even for settling into your seat to begin watching the film.

Make it personal by putting a temporary label on the bowl so your guests can write their name on it. That way they’ll never forget which bowl of snacks is theirs, plus it will make it easier for people that have never met before to strike up a conversation. “Hey there Alice, what did you get in your bowl? I filled mine with a lot of different Goldfish flavors. So far I like the Parmesan ones the best. How about you?”

Well, what are you waiting for? Get those tasty ingredients, make your own Goldfish Trail Mix and get ready for MOVIE NIGHT with!

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