Back-up Your Movie Library

It’s important to back-up your movie library because misfortune does happen. I have terabytes of movies in my own, personal film library and that means thousands upon thousands of movies. I’ve had some scary, to be honest, terrifying, experiences where a very large chunk of those movies were nearly lost. That’s when I made one of the best decisions of my life and I decided to make a completely protected vault of films. By that I mean a stand alone series of hard drives that are not connected to the internet, wifi or anything else. In fact, those drives are only ever accessed via my one, Harem Cinema laptop and never by any other personal computer, laptop, phone or any other device. By keeping my movie vault isolated, I keep it from experiencing any accidents such as viruses, etc. My movies are precious to me and they deserve that type of protection.

But why didn’t I just back them up through online services that are available for such uses, I hear you asking? Well sure, I could have made copies of all of my movies and stored them on a web-service. Some of those services are quite reliable and you could feel safe storing your precious film library there. And I did. To be completely honest with you, my private stock of films is actually backed-up onto the internet several times. That’s right, I am pretty protective of my films because they mean so very much to me. So I have them all backed-up online in several different places AND I have a physical copy stored on my hard drive.

Oh wait, did I say hard drive? I meant hard driveS, plural. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not some paranoid nut-case living in a dark basement compulsively hiding my stash of film booty because I suspect that everyone is out to steal my treasures. But I am careful and protective. So I thought I would pen this quick note to you all to prompt you to consider backing up your own movie library too. Especially if, like me, you have some very hard to come by films.

Pirates! To be clear I am definitely NOT talking about pirating movies. What I am preaching is that, if you have movies that you can legally copy for the purposes of keeping them safe, then you really want to think about doing it. Here are the two resources that I use to back-up my own films and can recommend them from years of experience. If you have your own advice, please share your thoughts in the comments section below so that we can all benefit from our fellow movie fan’s experience-based advice.

Wondershare UniConverter is the software that I use to legally make copies of my movie files. I know several people that have now been using it for more than five years and still love it. It is pretty simple to use and is reliable. I earn nothing from you using or purchasing this software, but I do care about your movies being safe so I am recommending it to you all. If anyone out there has another software solution that they like to use, please share it in the comments section below.

Portable External Hard Drive

I store the ‘hard copy’ of my movie library on several of these little gems, the WD 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive. It’s a mouthful to say but it will give you a soothing peace of mind knowing that your treasured memories are safely backed-up on this box. I have quite a few other drives of different makes and models that I also use but this one is my clear favorite. Personally I use the 4TB model but you can also get this in a 1 TB if you prefer. It is fast, reliable and requires no external power source other than being plugged directly into your computer’s USB port. (Full disclosure is that I will earn a tiny commission if you use the button below to buy one or more of these hard drives. It’s not a fortune, or even very much money, but every little bit helps us keep us hosting the Movie Nights that you, our fans, love.)

2 thoughts on “Back-up Your Movie Library”

  1. I bought a Wondershare eternal license for $50 about 8 years ago and it really does work. I have installed it on numerous laptops and upgrades still come through and it still converts my DVDs. I decided to start digitizing my library so I don’t have to move DVDs every time I move. And although the idea of online storage has been tempting, one downfall is that you have to be connected to the internet when wanting to access your data. With portable hard drives, I can watch my movies anywhere I have my computer.

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    1. Needing the internet to get to my own movies was a big issue for me too, Ana, so I understand completely what you’re talking about. I spend a wonderful amount of time on a boat at sea where there is no reliable internet access at all. I could lug around some DVDs, etc. with me but the hard drive back-up option is so much more practical. It allows me to get at my movies whenever I want to wherever I am. Thanks for sharing your experience with Wondershare with us. I recently started using their video editor (Filmora 9) and it’s a company that has earned my loyalty. So I plug them all the time to anyone that will listen đŸ˜‰


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