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19th February, 2018


One of the most dangerous dames to ever scar the gritty, dark landscape of any film noir movie was the hard-case broad, Vera, played so deliciously by  the actress Ann Savage in the 1945 masterpiece, Detour. Harem Cinema is celebrating Ann’s birthday on 19th February 2018 with a showing of her classic tragedy so mark it on the calendar and get ready to be harrowed.

DETOUR follows the unfortunate turns of fate suffered by down on his luck Al Roberts. Misfortune, followed by a string of bad decisions, hounds the poor fellow right from the moment his car passenger dies. Al was just hitchhiking his way to meet his girlfriend and suddenly he was embroiled in a mess of what, he was sure, looked like murder. Just when he thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, he picked up Vera. And then things get really terrible when this femme fatale turns to blackmail.

Detour will be SHOWING HERE on it’s very own dedication page on 19th February 2018.